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Glossary | Recommended reading

There are many terms used in raptor rehabilitation to identify or describe a situation. Here is an example of some of these terms.

Accipiter short winged hawk
Bate an attempt to fly from the gloved hand or perch
Brancher a hawk or owl at the stage of leaving the nest and perching on the branches
Buteo a broad winged hawk
Cast to restrain a hawk or owl for exam, imping or coping Cope to trim the nails or beak Creance a long nylon cord used as a leash for training Eyas a hawk or falcon taken from the nest as a nestling Falcon a long winged hawk Flaconer a licensed individual who trains raptors Hack releasing eyas hawks from a hack site and providing food until they learn to hunt on their own Haggard a hawk trapped in the adult plumage Hard pinned feathers are fully grown Hunger traces or streaks marks across feathers often caused by stress factors while they are growing Imp repair broken or bent feathers Imprint a hawk or owl taken from the nest at an early age, causing it think of the caregiver as its parent Jess the leather strap around the hawk or owls leg Leash the long leather or nylon strap attached to the Jess Mew the hawk house Moult the annual replacement of feathers Mutes excrement of the raptor Passage a hawk trapped during its’ first year Rouse the fluffing of feathers to put them in order

Recommended reading list

Understanding the Bird of Prey – Nick Fox

A Sand County Almanac – Aldo Leopold

Medical Management of Birds of Prey – Pat Redig

A Guide to Captive Raptor Management – Lori Arent

Gifts of an Eagle – Kent Durden

The Raptor Almanac – Scott Weidensaul

Birds of Prey – Floyd Scholz

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    I am wondering if you have copies of the above mentioned literature that are available to study. Also, I am interested in becoming involved but the link on your website is not working right now. Can you please send me some information regarding your needs and how I might get involved. I work for CDFW, have a Master’s in Biology and wrote my thesis on Swainson’s Hawk in Yolo County, I have also been a volunteer at the California Raptor Center and have hawk trapping experience. Thank you,

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